u.” The Sunday came, b▓ut Fanny was unable to keep her ●engagement

.Madame Malin was so overwhelme●d with orders for Lady Gresham’s fête

, t▓hat even the Sabbath day was compelled to b▓e sacrificed.The pecul


iar trim●mings which it was absolutely necessary for Miss● Balfour to have to complete the Pa●risian costume (the details of which never ●arrived till eleven o’clock, Sa●turday, and then all the materials had ▓to be purchased) were Fanny’s ▓work; and, from her delicate taste, she, of all● the assistants, could the least be


spared▓.In fact, extra hands were hired; for to compl●ete twenty or thirty full dresses from the▓ noon of Saturday to ten o’clock Monday,▓ in addition to those already in hand f●or the drawing-room the foll●owing day, was an unusual undertaking, e▓ven for the indefatigable Madame Ma▓lin.Hour after hour those poo▓r


girls worked,—through Saturda▓y night, the yearned-for Sabbath,▓ again late into the night, till ma●ny fainted on their seats, and the miserab●le toil was continued in a recumbent postu●re by those unable to sit upright▓.A dead weight was on poor Fanny’s hea●rt, a foreboding misery; but the su●fferings of the frame were s▓uch as almost to deaden the agony

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of mind.The h▓our of release came at length, i▓nasmuch that, ill as she was, s▓he craved permission to take home some of the▓ dresses, that she might call at Mrs.Mi▓ller’s on her way back, and learn● some news of Harry, and beseech her ol●d friend to seek him, and te●ll him the reason of her forced abse●nce.Exhausted and most wretch▓ed as she was, she had to wait till the dresses▓ were tried on—the capricious hu●mour of the young ladies proved, by altering, re●altering, and final arrangement ▓as they were originally—to bear wi●th pett

Event 1
  • Wednesday
    e.Only t3rd September 2084
  • Time
    rust me 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Venue X
    till theLifestyle Mall
    n, deareYangon, Myanmar
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  • Thursday
    st, d▓e7th August 2084
  • Time
    arest Ha6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
  • New Studio
    rry.Do nWalking Street
    ot add tMandalay, Myanmar
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  • Sunday
    o y●our5th July 2084
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    burden 10:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM
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    ght▓s l2nd June 2084
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    ike thes11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
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    ow that Hua Hin, Thailand

y fault-finding—until her whol●e frame seemed one mass of n▓erve; and so detained, that she only en▓tered the street leading to he

r old friend●’s abode, as the carriages whirle▓d off their elegantly-attired inmates to Lady ▓Gresham’s fête. What a tale awa


i▓ted her! Harry, restless, miserable,—al▓m


ost maddened by the false reports a▓gainst her,—and from the gre▓at pressure of business in his master’s s▓hop, from the innumerable visits of ●

modistes’ assistants to procure the ▓necessa


ry materials so needed for the costumes ●of Mrs.Gresham’s fête, not released ▓till past one o’clock Sunday morning, h▓ad perambu

lated the streets all night, in the v▓ain hope


of meeting Fanny, encounte●ring one of his jovial compani▓ons, who, half intoxicated, swore he h▓ad seen her entering a coach with—Merton kn▓ew who


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m—and when collared and sha▓ken by the infuriated lover till he recove●

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red his more sober senses, declared he coul●d not tell exactly, but he th

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ought it wa●s her: at all events, Harry w●ould know to-morrow, if she ha


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Quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris

d gone as usual ●to Mrs.Miller’s. There she was not.Never▓ before had six o’clock on Sunday eve▓ning come without her presence; ▓and really anxious, Mrs.Miller (tho●ugh not believing a syllable again▓st her) conjured the unhappy young man to call● himself at Madame Malin’s, and inquire▓ if she were ill or detained.He did so.The w▓ell-instructed lacquey declared● the family were all at evening

service, and i●f the apprentices were not with thei●r friends, he supposed they were th▓ere also; he knew nothing about them; b●ut he was quite sure his mistress never per●mitted them to work on Sundays.Harr▓y was in no state coolly to consider his words.▓ He rushed back like a madman to Mrs●.Miller, uttered a few incohe●rent sentences, and darted away before s●he had time or thought even to rep▓ly.That very evening he enlisted, and the ●Monday found him marching to Southampton with● other troops about to embar●k for India.A few lines to Mr▓s.Miller told her this, and ac▓companied a parcel directed to Fanny, in case● she should eve

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r see or hear of her again.●The poor girl had just strength t●o tear it open, to discover all her letters an▓d formerly treasured gifts, even to some● withered flowers, returned, with a few words of▓ stinging reproach, bidding her● farewell for ever, and dropped lifel●ess at the old woman’s feet.One or two i●ntervals of coherency enabled her, ▓by a few broken phrases, to explai

n the r▓eason of her absence; but brain fever followed, ●and even when Miss Neville saw her, all hop▓e was over.Vain was the skill of the▓ gifted and benevolent physician L▓ucy called in.Disease had been too ▓long and too deeply rooted for▓ resistance to a shock which, i▓n its agony, would have prostrated even▓ a healthy constitution.A few, a very ▓few days of intense suffering, and the crushe▓d heart ceased to beat, the blighted▓ frame to feel, and misery for her ●was over.But for poor Harry—for the parent


▓s of both—what might comfort them W▓e have seen the deterioration of Harry’s charac●ter.There were many to mark and condemn th●e faults, but none to perceiv▓e their cause.And when he a▓bsconded from his apprenticeship,▓ it did b

ut bring


n as t

o h▓i

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